is offering Lets-encrypt certificates making websites more secure and awesome. However, as of today, it will not enforce HTTPS per default when users call on HTTP traffic. To enforce HTTPS simply create .htaccess and paste below into the header of your .htaccess file. (click post to see code)

Background: Long story short – I decided to refurbish a couple of old laptops as giveaways for charity. For this I partly needed to update the BIOS which due to a dead battery caused Dell’s supplied tool WinPhlash.exe to panic (error -144). Error -144 is short for not having more than 10% of battery juice and/or not having a proper charger connected. Steps: Create bootable USB-stick with either FreeDOS or MS-DOS using e.g. RUFUS Download and copy phlash16.exe to the bootable USB-stick. Download and run…Continue Reading “Bypassing error -144 WinPhlash on a Dell Vostro 1520”