Fenix 6 is out

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I saw a posting on GPSrumors the other day that kind caught my attention. It was a post by Mr Blurry cam showing the backplate of a supposed Fenix 6. I’ve been waiting for a worthy successor to my gen1 Fenix 3 which has been serving more than well since the end of 2014… and now it’s here?

Maybe… the people at Garmin officially announced the F6 a week ago. And whenever something like that happens, we immediately rush to DC Rainmakers awesome blog for an in-depth review.

Having owned Fenix 1 through Fenix 3 I felt like the F3 was the first Fenix worthy of its title. It was big leap from the previous generations and introduced features like sapphire glass, wifi, connect IQ along with a multitude of functions aimed at both sports and outdoors. It was made out of premium materials and offered a gorgeous design over the previous Casio-like plastic design. IMO it was a game changer that put the Fenix brand on the top.

Fenix 2 – picture borrowed from https://runranger.wordpress.com/2014/12/07/why-garmins-fenix-2-is-failing/

My gen1 F3 is still my goto watch for training and outdoors. And as tempted that I’ve been to upgrade to F5+, I’ve managed to hold my horses since the F3 still fulfils my needs for both outdoors and training. With that said the battery has also been holding up well – no degradation experienced so far (knock on wood). I’ve been curious on the mapping feature but came to remember my shaky relation with the Epix (remember that one?), also I do own an Oregon 600 and an Edge 1000. It also feels nice to see that Garmin is still pushing software updates (currently on v9.40).

So what about the F6 then? It seems to be a huge leap over the F3 (yes, F5 and F5 plus in-between). Aside from various software related features, PulseOX now seems to be standard across the entire F6 line-up. The F6x also throws in an optional solar charing feature (at the cost of Sapphire crystal). The solar addition is an interesting sneak-peak into what Garmin could offer into the new line-ups. As of now I don’t see the real value added since it only adds a fraction extra to the battery life, yet at the cost of possible scratches.

Looking forward to the many reviews on Youtube. Will it be the successor?

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